Homemade Sauerkraut

The amount of “kraut” you make depends on the size of your cabbages.  One large head typically makes 4-5 pints of kraut.  Each pint jar will use approximately 1 cup of the liquid.

Lids to Use – You will need the regular lids used for canning jars, but not the rings.  To seal the jars, be sure to purchase plastic lids (can be found at Walmart) otherwise the metal rings will rust because of the salted water.

Brining Liquid
1 1/2 tablespoons salt per 1 quart water

The night before jarring the kraut, boil the salt in the water, let cool and refrigerate overnight.  The liquid should be cold otherwise the cabbage will turn brown.

Cabbage Preparation
Shred cabbage. Rinse pint jars, metal lids and plastic lids in hot water. Add 1/2 cup liquid to the jar and then add shredded cabbage.  Fill about half-way and pack down.  Add a little more liquid and continue adding cabbage.  Each time, pack down the cabbage until jar is full.  Add more liquid if needed to come to the top ring of the jar.  Place metal lid on top of jar and then place plastic lid over the metal lid and tighten.  Continue with remaining cabbage.

Place jars in ice water (use a cooler) in a dark place and leave for 9 days.  Check on the ice water and replenish as needed to keep jars cold.  After 9 days, remove the jars from the ice water, place in a plastic container and leave for a couple of weeks.  Check on the jars in the event some of the liquid seeps out during the fermenting process.

Best to use regular pint jars, not wide mouth jars.

Enjoy with your favorite sausage or just as a side dish.

NOTE:  I used 2 large heads of cabbage which made 10 pints of kraut.  This also used about 2 quarts of the brining liquid.

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