June Apples from the Farm – Two Ways

My sister and I would visit our grandparents, who lived in Ohio, once school was out in June and we would stay all summer, returning home with our mom just in time for the start of school. One of the first things we did when we arrived was rake apples, so we could play on the swings. The apples were a light shade of green and a bit tart which made for the perfect apple pie.

June Apples

Recently I came upon a local farm where this same cultivar of tree is growing, and once again, am enjoying these little tart gems. My grandmother called them “Transparent” apples; this local farm calls them “June” apples. The June apple is tart, bruises easily, and does not keep well. But whatever name they go by, I just call them delicious.

For a real breakfast treat, cook the apples, unpeeled, with a small amount of water and butter, until tender. Add your sweetener of choice. Serve with a hot biscuit or toast.

Sliced June Apples

Cooked June Apples

Or line a glass pie pan with filo dough sheets, and fill with a mixture of coarsely chopped apples, raisins and cinnamon and bake until light brown.

Apple and Raisin Pie with Filo Dough

No matter how you like to eat these June apples, they are a treat.

Bon Appetit ~ Barbara


106 Miles – 8 Towns – 1 Saturday … Join me for a “Coastal Road Trip”

One of the joys of moving to a new town is “seeing” what makes a town unique.  Two years ago my sister and I moved to Southport (North Carolina) and now call it home.  After we settled in, we would take to the road to visit the neighboring towns.  Even though we had already traveled to these towns, I decided I wanted to “see” what maybe I had missed on our earlier road trips.  On a beautiful, sunny day last March, we set out for our “Coastal Road Trip.”  This journey was  documented through my photographs along with a short story.  My “Coastal Road Trip” was just published in the South Brunswick Magazine-Spring 2017 issue, Pages 77-84 and can be found in local grocery stores and drug stores in Brunswick County, North Carolina, for the next three months.  Be sure to pick up a copy, or you can read it here.  Ah, the joys of a good road trip!  Hope to see you on the road. ~ Barbara